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About Us

A few years ago I was looking for a display cabinet to house my Vintage Action Figure Collection.

Nothing I could find online was of a high enough quality so, driven by a passion for collecting, and a career history with strong 3D design, I went about designing one myself that would be suitable. After several prototypes I came up with a great solution that would make my display case unique, the Shelf-less Slot System©.

With no shelves the lighting was able to fill the whole cabinet and the figures looked amazing!

The keen eye of another Vintage figure Collector led me to adjusting the design slightly and adding a UV Resistant Face Panel and the Collector Displays UK Unique Action Figure Display Cabinet was born!

After the first year and having made around 100 of these cases for other collectors I found that I needed to expand the range and find a way of getting these beautiful display cabinets out to the rest of the world

Now exporting to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Collector Displays (part of Measured Design Solutions Ltd) is constantly designing new and innovative ways to display collections of a wide variety so if you have a specific need that isn’t in our range please get in touch.

May the force be with you

- Drew